In Arabic style

The decor, style and color of soap is made in accordance with Arabic culture. Souvenir production on theme of UAE and Dubai. The soap is luxuriantly decorated and packed. Also gift sets are available.

Artistic soap

Every soap is made by hand, and is like a masterpiece. The creative approach and at the same time quality is above all. Festive soap (New Year, Saint Valentine’s Day). We made specialized soap, dedicated to popular holidays, such as New Year or St. Valentine’s Day. Personalized soap with engraved name. The soap becomes individual and exclusive, when the personal name is engraved on it.

Bath balls

Made by hand, bath balls are made for enjoying the magic of warm, fragrant water. They turn bath time into useful and at the same time elegant procedure that will help you to relax and unwind after a busy day full of stress and rush. Bath balls combine sea salt, milk, essential oils and fruit seed oil, thanks to a special technological solution, clean the skin from daily pollution and enrich with oil, which is fully absorbed into the skin, leave it so supple and protect it from environmental hazards.

Bath salt

Bath salt with natural essential oils (each essential oil has unique properties) or aromatic substances, creates an atmosphere of relaxation and positive effect on the whole body. The complex of mineral ingredients affects the body through the skin, through the formation of the so-called "Salt mantle" and the penetration of elements, as well as through the airways. Bath salt helps to relax, improve blood circulation, helps to clean the body from toxins, restores the skin, and reduces emotional disorders (depression, insomnia, nervousness) and gives a refreshment. Sea salt is actively involved in metabolism, and helps to eliminate toxins from the subcutaneous tissue and protects the skin from the harmful effects of the environment.